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Series 2 Schedule Posted
November 19, 2022

Congratulations to all Series 1 Winners! Don't spend your bonus 2 points all in one place!

Series 2 Schedules have been posted. Check them out on the schedule page or click your team name anywhere on the website to be taken to a more personalized page!

Good luck to everyone this Series and lets all hope for no COVID delays!

Series 1 Schedule Updated
October 31, 2022

Just a quick note to let you know the schedules have been updated to reflect all the postponed games. 

There was a little bit of shuffling for THIS WEEKS GAMES so please double check to make sure your games have not been moved. Affected teams are: Academy Girls, Horn, Scott, and Wardlaw.

October 26th Games Postponed
October 26, 2022

Unfortunately, while the power has returned to parts of the club, the ice rink is not one of them. Therefore, all games tonight are cancelled / postponed.

As previously mentioned, we will make the games up during the Thursday @ 845PM timeslot starting NEXT week to avoid last minute scheduling / potential conflicts that people may have. This will result in many teams playing two games in one week, however no team will be required to play two games in one day.

Please check the schedule in a few days to see the adjusted schedule. I expect to have it updated by the end of the weekend.