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CLUB CLOSURE - January 25th Games Postponed
January 25, 2023

Due to the winter storm, all games scheduled for tonight (January 25th) will be postponed.

Games originally scheduled for January 25th @ 630PM will be moved to January 26th @ 845PM.

Games originally scheduled for January 25th @ 845PM will be moved to February 2nd @ 845PM (with a lone game being moved to February 9th @ 630PM).

I understand that this may be challenging for some teams who have made various pre-arrangements, however my goal is to get as many games as possible played for each team.

For teams who are unable to make their new times, we do have one alternate timeslot on February 9th @ 845PM. These spots are first come first serve and any desire to move games must be communicated to Rob and I.

Thanks everyone for understanding and be safe out there.

Series 3 Schedules
January 3, 2023

The Series 3 schedules have been posted. Check them out here! You can also click your team name (almost) anywhere on the website to be taken to a specific schedule just for your team.

Something new this series: We will have two dedicated extra draws for rescheduled games. Should you need to reschedule a game, you can use January 18th @ 845PM OR January 26th @ 845PM. As always, please let Rob and I know that your game has been rescheduled (unless you like playing on ice with no pebble).

Series 2 Winners / Holiday Closure
December 24, 2022

Congratulations to our Series 2 winners! As always you can find this series' winners (and all previous series too) on our Past Series Winners page!

We had a relatively rare 4-way tie in B1 Flight this series which was broken by modified head-to-head results. First I look at the head-to-head between all four teams, resulting in the following standings: Reid (2-1), Olson (2-1), McLeod (1-2), and Sarvari (1-2). Then I look at the head-to-head results between Reid and Olson, resulting in Team Olson being the Series Winner.

We are on our annual Holiday Closure now and the league will return with Series 3 starting on January 11-12.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!