Schedule Update
January 12, 2020

There was an error on the schedule that has now been corrected.  Please re-check your schedule as this has affecting the timing of a couple games.

Series 3 Schedules
January 10, 2020

Congratulations to our Series 2 Winners: Schellenberg, McAninich, Jackson, Gardiner-Dean, Lamb, Mohawk Varsity, and Thorsen!  You are the final winners of the decade!

The Schedules for Series 3 are now posted.  Due to accommodating all evening Districts teams to the best of my ability, many teams will likely notice they play an odd amount of Wednesday or Thursday games this series.  Unfortunately, it's just a side effect of having to reschedule so many games.  We should be back on track for Series 4!

As of right now, we have Sunday, Feb 9th @ 12pm as a possible reschedule date, although I do encourage teams to take advantage of spares before attempting a complete reschedule.

A look ahead and reminder for the rest of the season:  With the exception of our Feb 13th games being moved to January 15th, we will be playing solidly through the rest of the season with no weeks off.  In regards to playoffs, our Quarterfinals take place on April 1st and 2nd, Semifinals on April 8th, and our Finals (and club-wide blowout party) on April 9th.  Book that time off now!

Finally, in the next couple weeks I will ask the club to bill you the $25 league fee, so please make sure your teams (as listed on the website) are correct!  All players, including 5ths, are required to pay the fee.

Best of luck to everyone in Series 3!  The standings have never been this close before, so it should make for an exciting second half of the season!

Series 3 Schedule Notice
December 11, 2019

I want to give a bit of a heads up to all players of the Open League.  Typically we do not play games during the week of the Districts (January 15th and 16th this year), however we are going to have to run some 9PM games on both days in order to make up for lost ice time later in the season.  Unfortunately, just the way the calendar landed this year, we don't have any free weeks to shuffle these games to.

If your team is playing in the districts, or you've scheduled trips around the districts week, please let me know ASAP and I will do my best to not move your games to this week.

Thanks everyone!

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Pre-season - OCT 7 to OCT 10

Series 1 - OCT 16 to NOV 21
(No Curling NOV 13-14)
Series 2 - NOV 20 to JAN 9
(No Curling DEC 25 to JAN 2)
Series 3 - JAN 22 to FEB 20
Series 4 - FEB 25 to MAR 26

Playoffs (Quarterfinals) - APR 1 - 2
Playoffs (Semifinals) - APR 8
Playoffs (Finals) / Club-Wide Season End Party and Banquet - APR 9