Version 4.3

  • Coding upgraded from PHP 5.4 to PHP 7.1 due to PHP 5 end of life.
  • Administrative: Language adjustment - Switched all instances of "Session" to "Series"

Version 4.2

  • Records and Stats Section
    • Renamed the Record and Stats pages to make them clearer and more consistent
    • Added "General League Statistics" page - A General Interest collection of league stats for those who may be interested in data collected since 2009
    • Fixed a bug on the "Find by Player" list that caused players to be displayed in non-alphabetical order on mobile devices
    • Adjusted the look on the "Players (All-Time)" page to make it cleaner and display additional information: Last Season Played, and a breakdown per season.
  • Playoff Section
    • Removed visual brackets and replaced with a text based schedule, similar to regular season schedule look and feel
    • Added regular season stats for each team (W-L-Pts)
    • Modularized the code to all it to be historically viewable in the future
  • Improved sorting on the Teams/Players page. Teams are now sorted by last name, regardless of first initial (eg. Team Z. Allan is now listed before A. Zebra or Smith)
  • Re-added Past Session Winners. Page now has a refreshed look that matches the rest of the site and works on all devices properly.
  • Added Title Sponsor logo to main header.
  • Administrative: Adjusted and clarified rules to include a 4th draw time for Thursday @ 9:00PM in the event of having more than 31 teams.
  • Administrative: Added page to make printing the schedule simpler and cleaner.

Version 4.1

  • Re-worked how BYE's are displayed on the website
    • Added clearer indications on all schedules (schedule page, front page, team page) when a team is scheduled for a BYE.
    • Made the "BYE" team unclickable so that you won't be taken to a non-existent team page. A BYE game is still displayed as a 2-1 win with appropriate colouring.
  • Fixed a bug on historical team pages that wouldn't let you search other teams from the same season.
  • Added a link on the Individual Lifetime Record page that lets you view detailed team information for each season.
  • Minor graphical adjustments/additions.

Version 4.0 - 2016

  • New Graphical Overlay
    • Created new logo consistent with DV Curling Branding
    • Re-wrote entire CSS system in order to optimize usage
    • Styling is now VERY consistent from page to page
    • Switched to Web Fonts to keep the viewing experience the same between devices
  • Re-designed site to be mobile and tablet friendly
    • Site now uses a responsive design style which adjusts to a multitude of screen sizes - no more zooming!
    • On iOS devices, the website can be added to the homescreen and operate as an App
  • Moved / Upgraded the hosting to a more modern server to increase responsiveness
  • Re-Designed the following pages:
    • Home
      • Embedded sponsor logo within the site rather than as a background image
      • Embedded link to the DVCurling Facebook Page
      • Removed rotating images of past champions - this will likely return in the future
      • Removed "Meet The Team"
      • Removed "Whats Happening at DV" - the Facebook link accomplishes the same thing
      • Adjusted the mini-schedule to only show the upcoming week's games rather than rotate through
    • Past Champions
      • Adjusted look to be more consistent with the Open League picture frames
      • Adjusted look for less scrolling and larger pictures
    • Team List
      • Adjusted look from a table to small boxes for clarity (literally the first page built in v1.0 and this is the first change)
    • Schedule / Results
      • Changed look to a simpler and more condensed format - makes it easier to use on multiple sites and to print
    • Standings
      • Cleaned up the general look and feel of the standings
      • Moved Overall Points (P) to the left side of the team name
      • Added Current Flyte (CF) to the Overall Standings
      • Removed Points Back (PB) from Overall Standings - Added unnecessary complexity to the table
    • Playoffs
    • Team Page

Version 3.4

  • Adjusted scheduling boxes on Team Page to shrink text to better fit teams with long names
  • Changed Header - Logo is now built into the background. Team picture no longer rotates but contains more information. Clickable to see larger picture

Version 3.3

  • Added New Page to Statistics Menu Category - Past Seasons Standings
    • Added ability to view previous season standings (1998-current)
    • Added ability to view previous season team pages (2010-current)
  • Moved Player/Team List to "Current Season" Menu category
  • Speed optimizations on Individual Lifetime Records page

Version 3.2

  • Adjust general graphical feel of all pages
  • Redesign of the Past Champions page to include pictures
  • Redesign of the Schedule page to make it easier to read/follow

Version 3.1

  • Added auto-updating playoff brackets viewable throughout the year
  • Playoff session now added like a standard session

Version 3.0 - 2013

  • Added minor graphical enhancements
  • Improved visual consistency from page to page
  • Re-wrote, updated and formatted rules
  • Fixed bug that caused the wrong extention to be placed on ranks (ie. 2th)
  • Fixed bug that caused schedules to be reversed if a week of games were played in two separate months (ie. 31-Jan and 01-Feb would display Feb first)
  • Fixed bug that caused three-way ties for a session win to appear as a scheduled game
  • Increased Season Leaders to Top 10 from Top 5
  • Increase All-Time Records (Ind) to Top 50 from Top 30
  • Re-implemented Longest Winning Streak functionality to Season Leaders page
  • Replaced all instances of "Highest Points For" with "Highest Points per Game"
  • Major redesigns of following pages:
    • Front page
      • Added "Meet the Team"
      • Added sponsor logos in the sidebar
      • Reformatted the scheduling ticker
      • Added "recent news" at the bottom of the news section
    • Schedule / Results
      • Combined the Results and Schedule pages
      • Added the ability to look back at previous sessions, elimating the need for results page
      • Winners and losers are much more clearly shown
    • Standings
      • Added the ability to look back at previous session standings
      • Moved the legend to a clickable button rather than always being displayed
      • Added a ranking tracker which displays your overall rank difference from week to week
      • Added tracker to count how many points back you are from the Playoff flyte leader
      • Added stars to indicate if you won a session (more stars = more session wins)
      • Changed general look of the standings
    • Team Pages
      • Removed graph
      • Redesigned and moved player list and team rankings to the header
      • Redesigned the schedule/results to make them more functional and visually appealing
      • Added the "scouting report" which displays your next opponents rankings and past head-to-head results
    • All-Time Records (Team)
      • Re-implemented Longest Winning Streak
      • Removed Highest Points Against
      • Highlighted any teams that are from the current season in order to better identify them
      • Added a written records and performance section to identify one-off records and highlights
      • Cleaned up overall layout

Version 2.1

  • Added List of Past Session Winners

Version 2.0 - 2011

  • Updated General Visual Style of all pages
  • Team page
    • Added Team Rankings
    • Added Standings for the flyte your team is seeded in
    • Improved the look and feel of the schedule/results
    • Added Dynamic Charts to show overall points of teams in your flyte
  • Individual Pages: Made the individual seasons display vertically rather than horizontally
  • Added Dynamic Charts
  • Re-organized the menu structure
  • Adjusted Season Statistics and All-Time records for access speed improvements

Version 1.4

  • Added news archive
  • Added playoff section
  • Added ability to see season session winners

Version 1.3b

  • Removed Win Streak functionality from the League Records Page

Version 1.3

  • Fixed Longest Win Streak Record not updating properly.
  • Adjusted Team Page to always display the active team on the left hand side of the results.

Version 1.2

  • Fixed issue with loss points not showing up.
  • Added ability to track Session Winners.
  • Added Session Winner bonus point distribution.

Version 1.1

  • Speed optimizations on Standings, Individual Stats Page, and Records page.

Version 1.0 - 2010

  • Roll out of new site