For years 2010-present click on the Series to view that Series statistics, as well as a snapshot of the Overall Standings. Clicking a team name will give you detailed information on that team during that season.

For years 2009 and prior only the final Overall Standings are available.

Session 4 Standings
A52M. Blonski (★)50W54215
A41K. Blonski 41W22919
A32T. Maslin 32W33221
A23Olson 23L22331
A14Snell 14L32035
A5Boag 05L51439
B35B. Knapp (★)41W13818
B33Shiraishi 41L13417
B26Gardiner-Dean 32L13125
B26Vollick 32W33228
B12Goll 14W12039
B5Styles 05L51543
C127White (★)41W13827
C120C. Knapp 32W23128
C120Lawler 32W12734
C115Richards 23L14032
C115Winslow 23L23138
C110Reimer 14L12331
C232Sedgwick (★)50W54014
C225McCall 41L13023
C220Gomes 32W12627
C215Tkachuk 23L11632
C210Schellenberg 14W12031
C25TeamBYE 05L5510
2014 - 2015 Season Standings
1.-A178K. Blonski (★★★)1730.850W213873
2.-A149M. Blonski (★★)1460.700W513992
3.-A129Olson (★)1280.600L2110115
4.-B123B. Knapp (★★)1370.650W1137106
5.+1A114T. Maslin (★★)1460.700W314490
6.-1B111Shiraishi (★★)1550.750L113667
7.+1B91Vollick (★★)1280.600W3117110
8.+3C287Sedgwick (★)1370.650W912495
9.-2A86Snell 8120.400L391130
10.-2B83Gardiner-Dean 9110.450L1124119
11.-1C181Richards (★)1280.600L1126109
12.+2C177C. Knapp 9110.450W2113137
13.-1B75Styles (★)10100.500L5104111
13.-1A75Boag 7130.350L595121
13.+3B75Goll (★)7130.350W191113
16.+3C172White (★)10100.500W1114121
17.+1C271Gomes (★)9110.450W1108140
18.-3C170Reimer 8120.400L193111
18.+1C170Lawler 10100.500W195127
20.-4C267McCall 9110.450L1110125
21.+1C260Schellenberg 8120.400W1102120
21.-C160Winslow 8120.400L2123131
23.-C250Tkachuk 6140.300L172123
24.-C220TeamBYE 0200.000L202040